Privacy Policy of Our Company

The company's privacy policy has been drafted in accordance with the laws abided by the UK and EU regulatory bodies. The pertinent laws discussing the usage and collection of data are combined and applied to the website. When you use our website, you explicitly agree to the privacy policy, terms as well as conditions of the company. Our privacy policy may be subject to change without any prior notice whenever the company deems it necessary to do so. We are not responsible for individuals not being up-to-date with our policies. As a matter of fact, we strongly implore all of our clients to check our site and keep tabs on the important pages that concern them on a regular basis before making a purchase. This includes terms of service and so on.

The Information We Collect

The company is entitled to collect relevant data as it is required to run the website and optimise it. The data may consist of the banking details and clients' personal data, also known as identifiable data. We may collect non-identifiable data, such as browser name and IP address, along with the operating system at the time of logging in, as well. Note that non-identifiable data information can be shared with third parties. However, identifiable data is entirely secure and never shared with any entities. Identifiable data information is protected and further encrypted in order to achieve maximum protection. Customers must submit the correct information concerning names, billing addresses, delivery addresses, and banking details. It is vital to do so, as incorrect information may lead to the cancellation of order(s). Thus, in order to ensure that orders are delivered timeously and accurately, input accurate details.

The Use of Collected Information

Note that the company can collect and utilise identifiable and non-identifiable data for various reasons. The primary use of such data is the optimisation of clients' online experience. We may use the collected data to improve several properties of the website. We may use it to ensure that the website is considered to be user-friendly, efficient and accessible. However, we will never use customers' banking details and personal data with malicious intent as it is only used to approve and confirm orders. Nevertheless, we may choose to contact customers and inform them of upcoming or ongoing promotions and deals whenever deemed appropriate. Furthermore, we will not disclose any personal data or identifiable data to any third party unless it is mandated by law to do so. We strive to offer a steady and safe platform to obtain medication online.

The Company's Use of Cookies

Similar to other online services, our company also uses cookies to improve user experience. The use of cookies enables service providers associated with the company to clarify the non-identifiable information of a user. However, we remain in full control of this function. We may choose to discontinue granting authorisation of cookies to third parties if we find it in the best interest of our customers or for any reason we deem necessary. We are associated with certain third-party service providers who help us guarantee our users have an all-around satisfying experience when they interact or place an order on the website. Anyhow, under no circumstances do we disclose crucial personal information of our users to any third-party members. Users remain in control of accepting or rejecting cookies from our website through their browser settings. However, turning cookies off will influence the general experience and the ability to utilise our platform as intended.

Data Privacy and Protection

The company is continuously looking for methods to improve its services. We strive to provide the best features on our website for our clients so that the experience is satisfying and secure. Such constant improvements require incorporating essential security updates to ensure the protection of personal information along with ideal customer care, too. In addition to this, the company makes sure to process all payments on a trusted, secure server. The website is SSL encrypted as well.

Get In Touch With Us

Do you have any questions for us? If yes, please make sure that you go through the Terms and Conditions section of the company and check out other informative sections as well. In addition, we have a section dedicated to FAQs, which may be helpful concerning your inquiry. However, if you still have an inquiry, you can contact one of our representatives via the Contact US page.